Injectable cosmetic medicine is a minimally invasive non-surgical facial treatment to add volume, create angles and slow the facial ageing process. Addressing the natural volume loss, facial lines and wrinkles that come with age are now made simple with the range of injectables which can not only reduce wrinkles but stop the muscle contractions that lead to etched lines. Whether you require botulinum toxin injections, dermal fillers or a combination of both, we at Nubian Medical Aesthetics can help you achieve younger and rejuvenated skin.


Dermal fillers, commonly called fillers, are non-surgical injections that when injected into the neck or face, alter the contours and fill the wrinkles of the face creating a smoother, younger looking skin. Dermal fillers are often used for deep lines and wrinkles around the eyes, brow and mouth or for those who wish to alter the contours of the jaw or lips subtly.

How do fillers work?
Dermal fillers usually consist of a substance that occurs naturally in the body that transports nutrients and regulates the water balance in the skin. Adding a substance that closely resembles this to areas where the skin has deep lines, and wrinkles can revitalise and add volume to the area, instantly diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles! Because they are injectables, fillers are a quick and non-surgical option suitable for many as they provide a subtle enhancement of the natural face.
What does the procedure involve?
During your first consultation at Nubian Medical Aesthetics, Dr Zama Tladi will sit and discuss your areas of concern and the outcomes you desire. With these in mind, she will be able to tell you if fillers would be best and if so, which type. She will also be able to tell you how many filler injections would be needed and whether additional injectables like botulinum toxin injections would be needed to achieve and maintain rejuvenated youthful skin.

When fillers are deemed the best option for you, Dr Tladi will apply a numbing cream to the areas where the filler is needed to ensure the experience is painless. Dermal fillers are then injected into the skin in areas where deep lines and wrinkles are plentiful like the forehead, the eyes, jaw and lips.
How long do fillers last?
Regardless of the type, all fillers are temporary and will require repeat injections to maintain. How often you will need additional injections will depend on the kind of filler you have.


Botulinum toxin is a non-surgical, minimally invasive injection done for rejuvenation of the skin to block nerve signals that cause muscles in the face to contract and cause wrinkles. Not only do botulinum toxin injections prevent lines and wrinkles, but they also smooth the skin giving it a younger look. Botulinum toxin injections are often used to prevent and smooth wrinkles between the brows, crows-feet around the eyes and the horizontal forehead creases.

How do botulinum toxin injections work?
Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin which targets the nervous system, disrupting the communications from the neurons to the muscle. When injected in small doses to a targeted area, this neurotoxin injection can paralyse specific muscles, causing the muscle cells to contract or shorten, making the contraction of the muscle during frowning impossible, preventing fine lines and wrinkles.
What does the procedure involve?
During your first consultation with your therapist at Nubian Medical Aesthetics, you will be asked to discuss your areas of concern and your goals for skin care treatments. If deep lines between your eyes make you look tired, angry or sad, or if your facial expressions cause wrinkles in and around your eyes and forehead your skin care therapist may advise botulinum toxin injections and possibly dermal fillers. Botulinum toxin injections can also be used to achieve facial asymmetry and excessive sweating.

If these are deemed the best option for you, a numbing cream will be applied to make the experience painless. The botulinum toxin is then injected into the areas where it is needed most, like the forehead and around the eyes. Slight pain, swelling, and minimal redness and bleeding can be expected afterwards but should go away after a few hours.
How long do botulinum injections last?
The effects of these injections will only last three to six months so you will need to have a follow-up appointment for a re-evaluation, touch-up or additional treatments. Botulinum toxin injections can actually have a preventative, anti-ageing effect if maintained.



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